Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Darfur Shame

Thanks to the Republican Jewish Coalition, you can read Jay Nordlinger's highly informative column about what's going on in Sudan without having to subscribe to the digital edition of National Review.

It's sad but not surprising that some of the same left-wingers who opposed taking down Saddam are now insisting that the United States intervene in Sudan. The very same people who berated President Bush for not waiting for the United Nations to take action in Iraq are now insisting that America get the jump on Turtle Bay and march on into Darfur.

I'm aghast at the Darfur genocide. My gut says that I want my elected leaders to do everything within their power to stop it. But my head tells me that it's outrageous of people to expect America to be the world's policeman—while the rest of the nations just sit on their hands.