Friday, July 22, 2005

The Abortion/Breast Cancer Study That the National Cancer Institute Doesn't Want You to See

Annie Banno of After Abortion has an amazing post on her personal blog about an abortion/breast-cancer study funded by the National Cancer Institute that's disappeared from scientific records. She found evidence of it by looking into Google's caches and finding Web pages relating to the study, including a journal abstract, that have been taken offline.

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer has long accused the NCI of playing "hide the research." The evidence that Banno cites of such apparent subterfuge is chilling. It's a long entry, but well worth reading. At the very least, it raises questions: How could a major U.S.-government-funded study disappear completely from the public record?

Here is Annie's capsule of the study's conclusions—details are in her post:

…it means that as many as 4,262,500 U.S. women (who had 3 or more abortions between 1983 and 2002) likely have increased our risk of postmenopausal breast cancer by about 60 to 70%…

…and of the 6,500,000 U.S. women who’ve had only two abortions in that same twenty-year period, we have either a 60% increased breast cancer risk (if we had our second induced abortion [IA] under the age of 45), or a 70% increased BC risk (if we had the first of two IAs at or above age 35).

…and among the 13,850,000 U.S. women who’ve had only one abortion, of those having that abortion prior to our (last) live birth (FTP), we may have increased our BC risk by 40%. Including me [Annie] personally.