Thursday, July 21, 2005

Planned Parenthood: Unsafe at Any Speed

Planned Parenthood's Interim President Karen Pearl (remember, they tossed out their last president on her ear when the millions they spent on Kerry were for naught) is hot and bothered.

She writes in an entry posted Tuesday on her blog of a "thriller." It's "[t]he moment" she's "been waiting for," and it's "rapidly approaching." "After weeks of anticipation," she "may impulsively want this to move forward as quickly as possible." But she "should resist the urge to speed ahead."

Actually, she's not just speaking for herself, but for all her pals—the collective "we." And she's not planning to do anything that might result in a Planned Parenthood "procedure." Writing in advance of John G. Roberts's nomination, she's talking about how to deal with the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Instead of "speed[ing] ahead," she advises her acolytes to "hold up signs that say 'Go Slow for Roe!'"


All I can think is that it's nice to see Planned Parenthood recommend going slow for something. They certainly don't recommend it to kids often enough—like when they advise 13-year-olds questioning their sexuality to "find each other online, which can be the fastest way to connect with others in your area."

To show your support for Roberts, contact your senators and representative, or sign the petition at the American Center for Law and Justice's Web site.