Friday, July 22, 2005

The Real Reason Planned Parenthood Calls Sex 'Sex Play'

A commenter named Josephine, who now calls herself Preggie Jose, posted something in response to my "Diary of an Aspiring Abortionist" post that captures what's wrong with what Planned Parenthood and SIECUS call "comprehensive sexual education." Preggie Jose wrote earlier that she had three unintended pregnancies, all due to contraceptive failures—and all after receiving "comprehensive sexual education" from elementary school through high school. She is responding to a commenter who asked another commenter to prove his claims that sex education led to increases in STDs, abortions, divorces, and child sex abuse:

I would think the point would be not so much that sex ed causes all these things, but that it's supposed to cure it and it's not working. I think education is one thing, attitude is another. I suppose one could argue that farmiliarity breeds contempt. We know how it all works and we know how to break it. Sex and its purpose may have become somewhat like the toy we had when we were five but really dont care about now that we are six. So instead of putting it up on the self and keeping it beautiful and clean we toss it under the bed and offer it to whomever looks like they might want it. Even if they only want it once or for a short period of time.
* * *
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