Monday, August 29, 2005

Attention Bachelor Bloggers:
Are You Nerd Enough?

In honor of the new "Geek Chic movement popularized by "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and the upcoming film "The Baxter," next Sunday's "Blog On!" will spotlight bachelor bloggers of the lovable-nerd variety. I'll be writing the column this Wednesday night; in the meantime, I'd welcome recommendations of bloggers. They have to be straight, male (I'll follow up with a female one if there's interest), and single (divorced or widowed is OK). They also can't be on the make—that is, their blogs can't focus on their search for an available and interested female. (That, I'm sorry to say, excludes The Anonymous Blogger. Rather, they should have a particular interest or passion that's evident to readers of their blog, something that would make an easy hook to pique readers' interest—like Charles G. Hill and his Femmes Invisible Database.