Monday, August 15, 2005

Homeland's Mane Threat

It's a light news day in the Culture of Death, so I decided to see just how far my Web surfing could take me from Planned Parenthood's "Superhero for Choice."

Somehow—don't ask me why—I landed on the site of the Official Fabio International Fan Club.

Immediately, my eyes landed upon a line that could very possibly return to me in the middle of the night to waken me with convulsions of laughter: "YES - HIS HAIR IS BROWN NOW."

There's also an alternately poignant and delightful essay by fan club president Donnamarie E. White about her long-awaited lunch with the legend, "My Eyes Melted," in which we learn that Fabio, being a noncitizen, has to be fingerprinted by Homeland Security.

At that point, I was jarred back to Topic A. Kansas abortionists can work without fear of regulation, and we're fingerprinting Fabio?

Expect one or more new posts later this afternoon...