Sunday, August 14, 2005

Prayer on Maximilian Kolbe's Feast Day

Today is the 64th anniversary of the martyrdom of Maximilian Kolbe, who gave his life so that a fellow prisoner at Auschwitz might live.

Below is a prayer to St. Maximilian, to end abortion and comfort women who suffer from post-abortion trauma. It is taken from the appendix to Will to Love, a collection of Kolbe's writings published by Marytown Press, the publishing arm of the U.S. branch of Kolbe's Militia of the Immaculata. If you pray but do not do so through saints, I hope this is still helpful to you as you commune with God today:

St. Maximilian, hear this prayer of supplication that I address to you with confidence.

I honor your holy life that was guided by unshakable faith in the mystery of the Incarnation. I admire your public witness for the right to life when you offered yourself to save a fellow prisoner.

Please move the consciences of those who are contemplating abortion. Please move to repentance the women and men who have chosen abortion over the gift of life. Please intercede for the unborn children who will never grow to love God and neighbor because of abortion. Please comfort the women who suffer from post-abortion trauma and inspire them to seek spiritual and psychological help. Please sustain the courage and wisdom of those in the pro-life movement, so that they may be peaceful witnesses to the sanctity of life. Please move the hearts of our lawmakers and citizens so that the holocaust of abortion will no longer be the law of the land.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
The comments section for this post is for those whose lives have been affected by abortion who would like me and other readers to pray for them on this day. Please leave as much or as little information as you wish about who you are and what you would like others to pray for you. If you would like to share how you were affected by abortion, please do. But if you do not want to leave any details or even your name, just write, "Pray for me," and be anonymous—I'll pray to God, through St. Maximilian, for whomever the person is who left the comment.

Please note: Only comments requesting prayer should be left in this post's comment section. Thank you.

For information on healing after abortion, visit Silent No More.