Monday, August 8, 2005

Putting a Smile on Tylor

Tylor Lauck, the 14-year-old cancer-stricken, Rollerblading amputee I wrote about last month, is back in the hospital. His friend Trevor Romain, the children's-book author and blogger, is raising money in hopes of fulfilling Tylor's final dream: a house, so that his family no longer has to live in a crowded trailer.

Trevor's latest blog entry, "The Promise," has more about that dream and the author's efforts to realize it, including this letter that Tylor wrote to Trevor:

Hi Trev, thank u for trying to help my family build our house. If it was not for me being sick our house would of already have been built, but I got sick and we had to stop building to try to get me better. I hope that we can get the house built for my family and that I get to live in it for awhile, but if I don’t get to see it I will just be happy that my family gets to live in it, and I will be looking down from heaven smiling for my family because they finally got what I wanted them to have.
Trevor notes on his blog that there are a lot of worthy causes out there. Some might observe that at least Tylor's family has a house at all. But I read Tylor's words in Trevor's entries about him, and I see a boy who has brought an amazing amount of inspiration and comfort to those around him in his short, pain-filled time on Earth. It makes me want very badly to do something to help widen the smile on his face during his final days, and to give something to the family that has sacrificed so much to sustain him.

If you would like to help make Tylor's dream come true, details are on Trevor's site..