Wednesday, August 17, 2005

'A Superhero for Choice':
Behind the Music

[Note: This entry describes a grotesque and juvenile film that's only tangentially related to the Planned Parenthood cartoon. Not for the weak of stomach.]

James Taranto writes to me that a tipster (perhaps blogger R.F. Burnhertz) informed him of a bit of trivia regarding Planned Parenthood's "A Superhero for Choice."

The composer of the cartoon's music is Nick Vasallo, whose Web site became a place for people to see the animation after Planned Parenthood Golden Gate removed the link to it from their Web site.

Taranto points out that the second video down on Vasallo's Web page features a disgusting depiction of the desecration of an unborn child's corpse.

The video is a trailer for the ultra-crass gore flick "Sinful Wives" (its title has since been changed to "Mine"), and it is the last thing Vasallo did before working on "A Superhero for Choice." In it, as couples chat at a dinner party, a husband suddenly trots out his wife's late-term fetus—which he's apparently been saving in the freezer. He talks about how much it means to him, because it's his too.

The irate wife shows hubby that it's her body to do with what she will, not his. She doesn't say that in so many words, however. Rather, she demonstrates it—by putting the dead baby in the kitchen sink and torching it, while her emasculated hubby weeps in a fetal position.

You know the scene in "The Producers," during the cast tryouts, where Zero Mostel jumps up and shouts joyfully, "That's our Hitler"? I picture Planned Parenthood Golden Gate President Dian J. "Dianysis" Harrison watching the "Sinful Wives" trailer, jumping up, and shouting joyfully, "That's our composer!"