Monday, August 22, 2005

The Washington Examiner Slams Planned Parenthood's 'Superhero'

Project Max—the Dawn Patrol's campaign to enlighten the news media to Planned Parenthood's vile "Superhero for Choice"—bears unexpected fruit today with "Planned Parenthood Takes Low Road," an editorial in the Washington Examiner.

The placement of the editorial in a Washington, D.C., paper is noteworthy because it's sure to be read by someone on Capitol Hill. As reader Ranting Raven discovered during a visit to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson's office, politicians do not take very kindly to seeing taxpayer-funded organizations depict them as numbskulls who should be re-educated in boiling oil.

The Examiner's editors write:

Apparently, the lesson to be learned [from "A Superhero for Choice"] is that abortions are OK, especially if it means less welfare payments later. The animation ends on the high note of referring to the Rev. Jerry Falwell as a "schmuck."

The video is a shameful and disrespectful take on the very sensitive issue of abortion and reproductive rights, where good, reasonable people disagree for good and reasonable reasons. By taking the low road and appealing to the lowest - and juvenile - common denominator, Planned Parenthood demeans its opponents and, even more, its supporters.
If you haven't yet seen the video, it's still accessible through Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's Web site. The organization's simply hidden the link so that it's no longer advertised on its page—but the cartoon is still housed on PPGG's server. If they've taken it down by the time you read this, a number of bloggers have taken it upon themselves to host the cartoon, making sure Planned Parenthood can't cover its tracks. You can also read a transcript of the animation via (click on one of the links on that page for the format you prefer).

Click here to see how "A Superhero for Choice" was featured on PPGG's Web page before the organization removed the link with no explanation and no apology.