Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Where to Find Planned Parenthood's 'A Superhero for Choice'

Many thanks to everyone who's offered to host the animation that I wrote about on Saturday*. Watch this space for links to sites that host the cartoon; I'll keep putting them up as they arrive.

UPDATE, 9/20/05: Since Planned Parenthood Golden Gate has removed "A Superhero for Choice" from its Web site, the best place to find it is by clicking the "video" link in CNS News' article on the animation.

And now, for links to Dawn Patrol readers hosting the cartoon:

[UPDATE, 8/11/05: Join Dawn Patrol readers in getting this Sunday's newspapers to cover Planned Parenthood's vile cartoon. Click here for details, including five simple things you can do to get out the word.]

On a related note, Christianity Today Online's Rob Moll has an article on the animation, "Planned Parenthood Affiliate Quietly Removes Cartoon Advocating Violence Against Pro-lifers," which includes this great quote:
"NARAL is doing ads blasting John Roberts and accusing him of promoting violence in abortion clinics, which he has not," says Pia de Solenni, director of life and women's issues at Family Research Council. "And at the same time you have Planned Parenthood clearly promoting violence against anyone that thinks differently than they do. The irony is just striking."
If you're hosting "A Superhero for Choice" on your site, and your site's family-friendly, please feel free to mention that in the comments—thanks! Remember that if you host it, you do run the risk of unprotected contact with a Planned Parenthood lawyer.

*My post about the cartoon first appeared early Saturday morning; I later changed the date to Monday to keep it at the top of the page.