Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Radar's of the Lost Art

Jeremy Gerard, articles editor of Radar magazine, offers two more headlines for the Christian Slater story:

Judge Sets Christian Right But Turns the Other Cheek
Judge to Groper Christian: Tush, Tush
Jeremy's own headline-writing résumé is as impressive as they come. A veteran theater critic, he was Variety's New York bureau chief for five years, writing such headlines as this, when Bill Clinton first began courting the Hollywood crowd:
Bubba to H'Wood: Don't Be Cruel
And this banner, for the story of an outrageous box-office scandal involving Andrew Lloyd Webber and Glenn Close:
Sunset BULL-evard
He's also written a fine headline for a New York piece on "The Producers" and a great one for a piece about the growing influence of blogger theater critics, which you can see for yourself.

My favorite of Jeremy's headlines is the one he wrote for a Dallas Morning News piece years ago about the controversial plan to replace Shakespeare in the Park with a concert series:
Bard Barred? Or Band Banned?