Tuesday, January 31, 2006

High Noon for All Seasons

For those who missed it in the comments to yesterday's post on the 1966 film "A Man For All Seasons" ("More, More, More — How Do You Like It?"), Robert N. Going has responded to my request that he rewrite the lyrics of the "High Noon" theme to fit the classic film about St. Thomas More.

After all, both films were made by the same director, Fred Zinnemann, and they're basically the same film — except that in "Seasons," the hero dies in the end, and "High Noon"'s Grace Kelly character, whose human failings are ultimately transcended by her divine love, is replaced by the Church, whose human failings are ultimately transcended by divine love.

Here's Going's rewrite, now titled "High Noon for All Seasons." All it needs is Tex Ritter:
Do not forsake me good King Henry
For this divorcing “Nay”.
Do not forsake me good King Henry-
Wait! Hold that blade!

I am your good and faithful servant,
So full of wit and not a bore,
I don’t know why it’s so unnervin’
To call your wedding
No more than bedding
And say your Anne Boleyn’s a whore.

What is this thing called Church of England?
Protestant/Catholic doctrine minglin’
Look at those people lining up,
Signing that oath.
I made a vow to Higher Power,
Now I am waiting in the Tower.
Look at that axe man standing tall-
What if my top part should leave me?

Do not forsake me good King Henry,
Just ‘cause I take my cues from Rome.
In school I wish I’d had more mem’ry
And learned ebonics
Instead of phonics
To say that I beheading home.

Let it swing, let it swing.
Let it swing, let it swing!