Thursday, January 26, 2006

Surely You Gestate

Greg Gutfeld's fetus jokes are causing a stirrup at the Huffington Post.

The jokes contain juvenile gross-out humor of the "South Park" variety and may be too much for many people, particularly those whose lives have been touched by abortion. That said,you can see where Gutfeld's sympathies lie. Here's a sampling:

What do you get when you cross a fetus with a feminist?
A fetus that desperately wants to survive in order to inform you later that it should be her mother's choice to abort a fetus.

After a couple has sex, the woman turns to the man and says, "If i get pregnant, what should we call the baby?" "A fetus!" he bellows before erratically speeding off to his home in Hyannisport, Mass.

Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and a fetus go to heaven and meet St Peter at the gates.
They each give their names, except the fetus, who just says, "Fetus."
St Peter checks his paperwork. "You're not human," he says. So Boxer goes to hell.
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