Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Actually I found God in a dream—or he found me....One night Jesus came to me in a dream and it was very real. When I woke up he was basically still there, and he's been with me ever since. No kidding. So don't tell me dreaming is a waste of time! It's the best move I ever made, hands down.

"I think up until that time I really, really wanted to know if God was real, if the God of the Bible was the real God, but I didn't think you could know. I didn't think it was possible for an intelligent person to be sure of such a thing. But then suddenly I knew, without the shadow of a doubt. I knew that he was real and that he loved me and had a plan for my life and would be with me forever. And almost instantly I started hanging around born-again Christians, the folks I would have avoided like the plague earlier. And I discovered most of them were the most wonderful people I could have ever hoped to meet. They were full of life and good humor and joy and intelligence, nothing like I'd been led to believe. I think most serious Christians are like that, the ones I've met, anyway. So today I do all I can to be around serious believers, whether Catholic or evangelical or whatever.

"If you hang around people like that, who know God personally and live like they do, it's bound to affect you positively. We cannot be Lone Ranger Christians, as someone has said. We need each other. It's utterly vital to the life of faith."

      — Author Eric Metaxas, interviewed by John Zmirak in Godspy