Friday, February 17, 2006

Thinking About Linking

[UPDATED — see below:]

  • Candace, the young girl stricken with a severe viral infection, is doing better, thankfully, though she still needs prayers. A reader now alerts me to Abriana, another girl who's been hospitalized with severe toxic shock from an infection, who likewise needs prayer. As with Candace, her family is keeping an online diary to keep people posted on her condition. [UPDATE, 2/19/06: The family's Web site says Abriana is improving — praise God!]
  • I don't care if you hate the Red Sox, this will make you cry. Read it; it's beautiful. (Via After Abortion.)
  • Congrats to Rebelution twin teen bloggers Alex and Brett Harris for turning one of their posts into an excellent online magazine article, "Addicted to Adultescence." The article captures many disturbing truths about people of my generation.