Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Prayer Request

Reader John Simmins writes:

The House of Delegates in Maryland is about to pass HR1 which provides $20M for embryonic stem cell research. The Senate will soon take up their version of the bill. We have pledges from the Senators below to filibuster the bill, killing it for another year. They need lots of prayers as there is lots of dirty politics afoot (hey, it’s Maryland after all). The President of the Senate is threatening to force the filibustering Senators to work through the weekend. This is specifically aimed at forcing the Catholics on the list to miss their Sunday obligation.

From the Washington Post:
[Senator Mike] Miller also cautioned those planning to filibuster that he is considering scheduling debate to start on a Friday and run all weekend.

"People who screw with the business of the Senate are going to feel the pain," he said.
Please pray for these Senators:

Sen. Norman Stone, Jr.
Sen. Andrew Harris
Sen. John Hafer
Sen. Janet Greenip
Sen. Roy Dyson
Sen. Nancy Jacobs
Sen. Richard Colburn
Sen. Donald Munson
Sen. Alex Mooney
Sen. David Brinkley
Sen. Larry Haines
Sen. John Giannetti, Jr.
Sen. Leo Green
Sen. Philip Jimeno
Sen. James Degrange
Sen. J. Robert Hooper
Sen. J. Lowell Stoltzfus
Sen. E.J. Pipkin
Sen. Allan Kittleman
Sen. Sandra Schrader
To learn more about the embryonic stem-cell debate, read "The Wrong Tree," by Wesley J. Smith on National Review Online.