Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Unintended Joy

The Unaborted Atheist features in his "Voices of Life" post a must-see video of a woman who sought an abortion and changed her mind.

He writes:

Last December I posted about a pro-abortion group which runs an "underground railroad" to New York to coordinate late second-term abortions and provide overnight housing for women who cannot find a clinic in their own states willing to perform the procedure. Had Maribel been delivered into their "non-judgmental" hands instead of [pro-life volunteer] Ashli's, she would have been housed, and comforted and reinforced in her original decision to abort. Please watch the video again and consider whether that would have been a happier ending -- or if what Ashli did was "wrong" in any sense of the word.
Read the whole thing, watch the video, and comment at the Unaborted (a k a Raving) Atheist's blog.