Friday, March 31, 2006

Women's Conscience Shocks Researchers

Despite being told over and over that true freedom is freedom from scruples, women persist in believing that their morality has some connection with how they keep their vessel. From the Daily Mail:

They are apparently more sexually liberated than ever before - but most women still believe one-night stands are immoral, research shows....

The study of women's attitudes towards sex revealed that women of all ages believe that sex outside marriage or a committed relationship is wrong....

Dr. [Sharon] Hinchliff, who found the women's attitudes "shocking," said: "It doesn't fit in with the image we have got of today's independent women who can go out and have sexual freedom without the ties of a relationship.

"It seems much easier for men. The attitude is that it is a bit of bravado for men to sleep around, have many sexual partners and casual sex.

"Women are meant to have had sexual freedom from the Sixties. Now it seems we must question the degree of sexual freedom we have got."