Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome, Readers of Gawker, Young Manhattanite ... and the National Catholic Register

I scored some sort of trifecta yesterday, with my name and grinning mug in Gawker (profanity alert), Young Manhattanite (ditto), and — in an interview about my conversion — the National Catholic Register (not currently on the newspaper's Web site).

The photos on Young Manhattanite, referenced on Gawker, were from a book party that Young Manhattanite blogger Andrew Krucoff held for Mr. T Experience frontman Frank Portman and his young-adult novel King Dork. (In one of the pics, Frank's holding a just-arrived galley of my book, which comes out in early December.)

I tried to impress Frank by mentioning some articles and liner notes I'd written about pop music, but when he learned my name, he recognized it because, as he noted, I have "a Catholic blog" — and he's a Catholic blogger too. Gotta love that Communion of Saints! As if that weren't coincidence enough, delving into his engaging novel on the train today, I was stunned to find a reference to the Flowerpot Men — a band originally formed by John Carter, whom I recently mentioned in "How I Became the Catholic I Wuz."

A new "Wuz" is coming late tonight.