Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prayer Request

Joseph Shipman, a longtime commenter to this blog, writes that his wife needs your prayers:

Lisa is in St. Peter's Hospital for tests -- she is in her 20th week, and earlier test results showed a possibility of pre-eclampsia. At the moment, both she and the baby are fine, but we need prayers that all will continue to be well.

If you could post a prayer request on your blog I am sure it would help.
UPDATE, 9/1/06: Sad news from Joseph:
The baby was stillborn very early this morning. We named her Francesca Marie. Lisa is still in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Peter's, but is getting better. Please keep us in your prayers.

Pre-eclampsia is a scary disease -- this spiraled out of control within 3 days even though she was in the hospital under constant observation. It is fortunate that she had a regular prenatal checkup on Monday and the doctor recognized the suspicious pattern in the test results even though she was not feeling particularly sick.

I would like to recommend the following charity, which was there for us today:

Please pray for Lisa, Joseph, and the rest of their family.