Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pro-Choice ... Except When the Choice Has a Heartbeat

Despite a headline seemingly intended to sound foreboding, "Anti-Abortion Activists Eye Inner Cities" is remarkably balanced as Associated Press stories go, giving an unusually accurate depiction of what goes on in crisis pregnancy centers.

Of course, it has the requisite quote from a Planned Parenthood mouthpiece:

"These predatory fanatics don't lift a finger to help the children who are born unwanted and unplanned," said Jatrice Martel Gaiter, head of the Washington-area Planned Parenthood chapter.

"In these centers of deception, they leave young parents at best with a box of Pampers and a prayer," she said. "They leave people even more vulnerable than when they walked through the door, without any information about how to avoid a future unintended pregnancy."
The story goes on to describe what the crisis pregnancy centers actually do for mothers who choose life for their children — which is quite a bit more than just what Gaiter would have one believe. But what does the Washington, D.C.-area Planned Parenthood do for them?

Here, taken directly from Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington's Web site, is a detailed list of Planned Parenthood's free products and services for new mothers and their babies: