Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Deutsche Treat, which is apparently a Catholic blog out of Germany, has published what appears to be a very kind and positive profile of me. The information in it was taken mostly (perhaps entirely) from the interview I gave to the National Catholic Register.

Here is a translation of the piece from Google's always-entertaining automatic translator:

Like Mrs. Eden the Paradies identification one US American from Jewish family reported recently, how she became catholic after the correction of an article. The bekehrte lady journalist Dawn Eden (, new jersey) Dawn Eden buildup in a liberal Jewish family and spent the majority of her life in the US Federal State new jersey in the northeast of the United States. She is by occupation a lady journalist. At the end of July told Mrs. Eden of the US weekly paper `national to Catholic register', as she became first Protestantin and found then the church. `The Catholic register' is national in the possession of the Legionäre Christi. It falls all Jews heavily to recognize Christ - Mrs. Eden explained. The Bekehrung for liberal Jew is particularly difficult, because they would not have understanding for a personal God. For it give it only a nebuloses more higher - somewhere there outside. Mrs. Edens Bekehrungsgeschichte began in December 1995. At that time it led an interview with the Rocker Ben Eshbach. This mentioned in the discussion that it was the straight novel „the man, Thursday “from Gilbert Keith Chesterton († 1936) reads. Mrs. Eden works also as AutorinDaraufhin read Mrs. Eden the book likewise. It fascinated it so much that it devoured all books of Chesterton. But to God it did not find therefore yet. In the year 1999 Mrs. Eden for the web page of a Palestinian employer worked. The conflicts in Palestine affected also the employer-employee relationship negatively. In this time Mrs. Eden fell in depressions and had even suicide thoughts. In its dark hours it began to read in the new will. Their nut/mother - that was converted to the Christianity already - she encouraged to pray Psalm 27. In the prayer Mrs. Eden Kraft received to change their working premises. Shortly thereafter she heard a woman voice in the evening in bed: „With some things it is not sufficient to know it. One must understand it. “ Mrs. Eden understood that she had to become acquainted with God not by exterior knowledge, but by the faith: „I fell on the knees and asked Jesus to come into my heart. “ That was the time, when she could be baptized. Later - in the year 2001 - it followed two years `the New York town center Chesterton Society'. Further two years later Mrs. Eden in the life protection became actively. On its Web log `The Dawn Patrol, began it the Kinderschlächtereien of Planned Parenthood - `per famlia' - anzuprangern. Because of this commitment one began to make it in January 2005 at their working premises difficulties. She worked at that time at the US daily paper `New York post office' as Korrektorin. It had also the task to adjust one-sided articles. Once objektivierte Mrs. Eden a glorifizierenden report on artificial fertilization. It added in the text that with the disputed procedure of about ten children, but only in each case one witnesses into the Gebärmutter is transplanted and survive may. The reporter was enraged about these changes and demanded the dismissal of the Korrektorin. Also the editor-in-chief of the daily paper explained that he was very anxious over Mrs. Edens Blog „“. Finally it dismissed it. In this difficult time Mrs. Eden a friend in the sky looked for herself. On catholic homepage she found to the holy Maximilian Kolbe, which was introduced there as a patron of the journalists. During the reading of its life history it broke out in tears - the Protestantin at that time reports: „I spoke with him as with a friend and asked him to regard as me Fürsprache. “Is in-turned after it göttlicher peace into its heart. Up to this time it had gesträubt itself against the catholic holy admiration: „As I to the holy Maximilian to pray nevertheless began, I understood, for which it went. “ During its difficulties with the work a solidarity with the catholic church developed in it. This has the longest history of pursuit, in addition, persistence behind itself. Mrs. Eden wanted to belong to it. Finally it met very eager priests with a Wallfahrt in July 2005: „You accepted me as I were. I wanted to be because of their generosity in their proximity. “ Less than one year later - in the Easter eight 2006 - Mrs. Eden was accepted to the church. In the meantime she found also new working premises. She works as deputy Nachrichtenredaktorin at the daily paper `New York DAILY one news'.