Monday, September 18, 2006

Out of Wedlock; Tough Love
A Guest Post by Xavier Basora

I was visiting Drudge's Web site when I came across a headline that caught my attention as unusual. When I clicked on the link and read through the article, I was appalled. The parents' behavior pretty much sums up the abortion mentality.

When someone—a parent, boyfriend, boss, whoever—wants a baby dead; nothing, absolutely nothing stands in the way. Not adulthood, not the law, not the expectant mother's autonomy or the respect for her decision to carry the baby to term. The truly tragic part is that the parents decide to intervene energetically only after she became pregnant.

Where the hell were they beforehand when the daughter went out with this guy? They strike me as the type who've told their daughter that sex is wonderful, natural but make sure to use protection. However, should the protection fail, there's always the abortion option..Except that the daughter decided against it.