Sunday, September 17, 2006

Remembering Tylor

Trevor Romain remembers his friend Tylor Lauck, who would have turned 15 on September 15 had cancer not taken his life last year.

Trevor is planning to publish a book about his experiences with Tylor, drawn largely from the teen's own words. Here is one of my favorite anecdotes of Trevor's that has appeared on his blog (and here too, but it's worth repeating):

“Trevor, this book we are writing together. What should we include in it?”

“We should give people advice on how to handle hard times.”

“Okay. I learned a lot dealing with my treatment so I could offer people advice.”

“Okay, so what advice do you have for people who are facing hurdles in their lives?”



“Jump over the hurdles. Isn’t that what hurdles are there for, to be jumped over?”

“You are one smart cookie Tylor.”

“Yeah, I know.”