Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Virgin Strikes Back

On her Virgin Chronicles blog, Sarah DiMuro responds to "recent press" by yours truly:

[My sister and I] got a kick out of recent press claiming that JANE is pimping me out.;) I went to Smith College and have a master's degree, people!! Do you think I am so docile to allow a magazine to just 'pimp' me out? I'm a virgin, guys, not a patsy!! I think that finding someone with whom you have a connection is pretty spectacular. Who cares if other people are in on the fact that I am a virgin? It may seem like an unusual approach but, hell, being a 29-year-old virgin is pretty unusual as well. ...

Also, Noam won last week's reader poll. This should be intriguing since he kind of reminds me of a young Hugh Heffner in his photo.