Friday, October 27, 2006

Quote of the Day

"I know of a large HMO in Seattle that allows people to self-identify as whatever gender they choose. I wonder, will they also let a person self-identify as having perfect cholesterol, normal blood pressure and lack/presence of HIV infection? How about blood type? Perhaps one can self-identify a particlar weight and height one desires. If one can deny what the genes in every one of one's cells says, where's the harm in fudging on details like weight or clinical tests? After all, I may have "felt all my life" that I was blond haired, blue eyed, 6'2" and 180 pounds. Who is society to say I'm not? I'm just trapped in the body of a paunchy middleaged balding male.."

"Bob," responding to comments on the post "Loo-nacy"