Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alphabet scoop

While I work on a more substantial post for late tonight, now's as good a time as any to revisit the "Lexicon for Young Adult Catholic Acronyms." As American Papist notes, "These are sometimes disturbingly accurate":

ACART --- Accepts Church And Republican Teachings (M, F)

CHIM --- Catholic Hyper-Intellectual Male (M)

CISTO --- Catholic In Skimpy Tight Outfit (hopefully F)

CLOWSIC ---- Cosmo Lifestyle On Weekdays, Sundays In Church (F)

COGISFAW --- Catholic Old Guy, Is Searching For Adolescent Wife (M)

CONOPE --- Catholic, Orthodox, No Other Personality Evident (M, F)

FOCID --- Flirts Outrageously, Chastity In Doubt (M, F)

FOYIC --- Flirts Outrageously, Yet Is Chaste (M, F)

MAWBAN / MAWBAP --- Might As Well Be A Nun / Priest (F, M)

OSCAR ---- Overly Sexual Catholic, Advise Restraint (M, F)

SOFTNOS --- Shares Our Faith Though Not Our Sanity (M, F)

SOTVEM --- Seen Once Then Vanishes Ever-More (mostly F)

WOVUOS --- Woman Of Virtue, Underwear Of Sin (F)

[Full list at American Papist.]

Any additions?