Saturday, December 30, 2006

Little Miss Marker

On a tip from a friend who had seen my book in the store, I popped into the Borders next to Penn Station. Sure enough, it was there, Shelf C3 — "Christianity: Practical Life." (That's where they file the recovery memoirs, appropriately enough.)

I couldn't resist doing something a bit naughty. Pulling a purple Sharpie out of my purse, I autographed the title page — adding "" in case anyone wants to track me down and ask if I really was the culprit who signed the book.

It felt vaguely criminal to "deface" a book, but hopefully my signature will be a pleasant surprise to whoever buys it. I remember, when I was in high school, feeling a thrill as I discovered that the title page of my local library's copy of The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again was signed in black marker with a familiar "AW."

In other Thrill-related developments:

  • Got an unexpected endorsement from best-selling dating author Steve Nakamoto (Dating Rocks!, Men Are Like Fish, who included my book on his Amazon list "Buy a Unique Relationship Book for the New Year!" Mr. Nakamoto is also the dating expert for's "Ask Mr. Answer Man."

  • My appearance on Msgr. Jim Lisante's "Personally Speaking" is available for online listening (follow that link to Program 54). The Monsignor has quite the gift for reading hearts.