Thursday, January 11, 2007

Basement japes, part 7
Questions from the audience

It gets tricky here, during the audience-questions section of my January 3 chastity debate in the basement of lower Manhattan's Lolita Bar with Virginia Vitzthum (she's "against"; the question is, "Is Chastity a Good Thing for Singles?"). I'm asked about how I define marriage, and I lose my cool with a woman who's visibly seething because she believes I claim that all Christians support chastity. (I don't — or, at least, I don't presume that those who disagree with me lack Christ's saving grace, as I explain.)

At one point, the camera sweeps around and there's a view of the rest of the room. The parts where I'm smiling and getting up for no apparent reason are when a friend of mine, among several people crowded onto the staircase, peers through the slats to take my drink request and later hands me my grapefruit seltzer through the slats.

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