Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prayer request from the Sisters of Life

The Sisters of Life wrote today asking that I post the following prayer request:

I am writing to ask for prayers for a very heroic woman. She has chosen life for her unborn child after attempting to seek an abortion several times, each time moved by the rightness of giving life. Now we have been able to set up a wonderful living arrangement for her and her disabled mother within a community who can offer an apartment for half its worth. She is doing well supporting her growing family but is having trouble making this month's rent due to the fact that she is in a high risk pregnancy and has been hospitalized several times. Please keep her in your prayers.
If in addition to praying, you would like to give material help, please write me at dawn -at- dawneden.com (replacing "-at-" with an at-sign) and I will forward your e-mail to the Sisters of Life. I volunteer for them and have met several women who have been helped by them. They are truly doing God's work.