Friday, February 23, 2007

Find the fetishists

 Amanda Marcotte writes in the comments to my "Maidenhead Revisited" post:

"... good on you for reminding your audience that girls not necessarily always lose their hymen through sex. Of course, not that this stops some virginity fetishists from judging them. Horseback riding, tampons and acting on stage are also 'immodest,' i.e. distractions from the singular need to treat your body like it's the possession of some future husband."

I had no idea that such virginity fetishists walked among us — let alone that there were enough of them to warrant referring to them as "some" and not "a tiny handful of characters well removed from organized religion."

But apparently there are — that is, unless I'm taking Marcotte too seriously or quoting her out of context. (It's been done before.)

If I'm interpreting Marcotte correctly, then I ask her to please tell me who these people are who won't allow virgins to be equestrians or thespians, and who forbid them to use internal sanitary protection. I promise her that if she identifies them, I will add my blog voice to hers in criticizing them. Our posts will be all the more powerful because they'll be complementary. I'll aim mine at the readers who go in for EWTN; she can reach those who go in for NSFW.

So far, I've found one group of virginity fetishists that sorta meets the three specifications. But in the absence of further clarification from Marcotte, I don't want to assume it's the one she had in mind.