Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trill of the chaste

In the discussion forums at, a number of people have been listing pro-chastity tunes. Now a reader named Whistler has suggested one on his blog that I think would make a fab addition to the list: "I'm Not Who I Was," a brand-new song by Brandon Heath. I really like the recording's creative arrangement. (I'm learning that  John Davis isn't the only Christian artist making songs that are on the same artistic level as the best secular rock tunes. ) You can hear it on Heath's MySpace page. As for the lyrics, boy, can I relate.

I've long fantasized of writing a "Thrill of the Chaste" theme song, but all I've been able to manage is the title: "I Don't Do That (Anymore)." (That parenthetical is very important.)

Heath recently posted a video of "I'm Not Who I Was" on YouTube that's quite moving (and is — unwittingly, I'm sure — a straight-faced cousin of "Subterranean Rome-Chick Blues"):