Wednesday, April 4, 2007

La Shawn Barber gets The Thrill

"In The Thrill of the Chaste, Eden contends that our casual sex culture encourages singles to view one another as commodities. Like many young single women, she was caught up in the hype that sex is the way to a man's heart. Eden began to understand that premarital sex and its attendant baggage actually made it less likely that she'd get married. For example, to protect oneself from the eventual let-down of casual encounters, one must develop a toughness. In Eden's case, she sabotaged relationships before she got dumped so she could remain in control. '[T]he same armor that enabled me to tolerate casual sex made me less attractive to the kind of man I most desired.'

"Eden says dissolving the hard shell and allowing herself to be open and vulnerable have helped her be more capable of sustaining a long lasting relationship like marriage. Yes, Eden readily admits she wants to get married and believes God has called her to marriage. She also recognizes that some women reading the book want to get married and provides practical advice on how to meet marriage-minded men who share their faith.

"Whether religious or not, women reading The Thrill of the Chaste will be able to relate to Eden's descriptions of awkward morning-after scenarios. No matter what feminists claim, it is futile to deny that women become attached. 'Women are built for bonding,' writes Eden. Sex detached from love leads to a feeling of emptiness."

— La Shawn Barber reviews The Thrill of the Chaste on Over on her blog, she adds some personal thoughts about chastity. I'm delighted and honored at the review, as I've long admired La Shawn's bravery in countering the culture.