Thursday, May 3, 2007

GUEST POST: Democratic Candidates Unite Behind Partial Birthday Abortion Act

By Henrietta G. Tavish
New York, May 4, 2007
Special to The Dawn Patrol

Seeking to counter the perception that they are weak on "life" issues, the eight declared Democratic candidates for president today proclaimed their support for the "Partial Birthday Abortion Act" — proposed legislation that would ban, in many instances, the termination of an infant before its first full birthday.

The law would protect any baby that had crawled more than halfway out of its "roomb," defined by the Act as "the customary sleeping quarters provided for a potential toddler." Eligible babies need only celebrate a "partial birthday" of a month or more.

"Ungrown children are among the most helpless members of our society," said Sen. Hillary Clinton. "This important measure would ensure that they are not punished for expressing their natural curiosity, while safeguarding the right of the mother to make the decision to raise or not raise a child within the privacy of the bedroomb."