Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The United Methodist Reporter gets The Thrill

"I think that people are questioning the fruit of the sexual revolution. People are seeing that these solutions that were considered panaceas are not proving to make people fulfilled. They're realizing that the idea that feminists have propounded -- that sexual freedom is liberating women -- is a myth. It only frees women from the protections that they had in the past that made happiness possible for them.

"People are becoming more aware that women are not truly empowered by a societal mandate to have sex with whomever they want whenever they want outside of marriage. Women are starting to articulate a kind of philosophy of liberation for women that is not women's lib, but rather, is liberation from the societal pressure that is contrary to their bodies and contrary to their desires.

"I think it's good that people are able to express what's wrong with the culture. But the pleasure principle and various pagan philosophies are always going to be with us. And in our consumer culture, making women lonely is what sells. You don't see a married woman with kids blowing her Christmas bonus in the shoe department at Macy's. Advertisers have a vested interest in keeping women single and lonely, because they're the ones that buy impulse purchases."

— Me, interviewed by Mary Jacobs in the United Methodist Reporter

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