Friday, June 29, 2007

Brian's songs

Going through my belongs in preparation for my move, I discovered that I own an autographed copy of the songbook for the Beach Boys' Love You album. Brian Wilson signed it for me when I interviewed him in August 1988.

As you can see in this blurry cell-phone snap, Wilson signed the book in pen "TO DAWN," in the shaky, overmedicated hand of his Eugene Landy years.

It is in about the same condition as the one going for $45, sans autograph, from a used bookstore — some wear around the edges, but overall in good shape. It has a small stain on the edge of the upper-right-hand corner.

I also have an autographed copy of Wilson's autobiography, Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story, first-edition hardback. It's likewise signed "To Dawn," only in Sharpie. It still has the original dust jacket and is in very good condition, though I haven't checked every single page for Cheez Doodle fingerprints. (I used to eat those orange snacks while reading.)

I'd like to give away either of these items to anyone who will make a $100 donation ($200 if you want both) to Bridge to Life, a pregnancy resource center that does great and important work in Queens, N.Y. If you're interested, write me first to let me know which of the books you want — use the e-mail address at left or my contact form. Then, after I write back to you, you'll make the donation to Bridge via PayPal and e-mail me the receipt. As soon as I have the receipt, I'll send out the book or books via Priority Mail, insured, at my expense.

As a bonus, if you get back to me before I move tomorrow morning, I'll throw in some surprise rock-history books and/or vintage music magazines from my collection.