Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Halo, it's me

My old friend Bill McGarvey, a very fine singer and songwriter who knew me in my rock-historian days, has done a wide-ranging interview with me for Busted Halo, the online magazine he edits. Here's a highlight:

"I was looking for something deeper and looking in the wrong places, but at the same time, I would go through phases [where] I was particularly depressed, and if I really had a low self-image then I would seek to be found attractive by some guy, because I would think, well you know if this guy finds me attractive then there must be something good about me. It’s a terrible way to go through life.

"And the thing is a feminist can say, that it’s not good to have sex with someone because of low self-esteem. But the thing is, if you’re a feminist, you can never say that any reason to have sex is a bad reason, because women have a freedom of choice, so you can’t actually say that there are bad choices."

In case that's not clear, what I'm saying is that feminists contradict themselves — warning against acting out of poor self-esteem, while simultaneously claiming that no legal action a woman makes by her free choice should be subject to others' moral judgment.

I go on:

"What I discovered upon becoming chaste, it’s always wrong to treat people as though they are interchangeable. The thing is, any time you have sex with someone outside of marriage, you’re treating them as though they can be replaced. Because the only irreplaceable person is the person you marry."

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