Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leaving Eire

Today is the last day of my wonderful trip to Dublin. I've been unable to photoblog as I'd hoped because of lack of Net access, but plan to have some photos up after I arrive back home tomorrow night. In the meantime, you can hear Radio 1 host Ryan Tubridy's interview with me and read a bit about"The Tubridy Show." (Thanks to Dónal O'Sullivan of Ireland's Family Media Association for sending me the link to today's show.)

Today I enjoyed lunch with journalist David Quinn of the Iona Institute, who was a fellow speaker at the Legion of Mary's Catholic Youth Conference last weekend. It was only afterwards, when I got to check my e-mail, that I saw a note from Raving Atheist  reminding me that Quinn effectively defeated Richard Dawkins in a verbal matchup on "The Tubridy Show" last year. He is set to do a radio debate with Christopher Hitchens later this week.