Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today's pick to click

The next Friday was the night we called it a day. Or, rather, I finally broke down and said I could not go on. We had gone to see the Broadway show "Spamalot" and had dinner, had some laughs. We were in her room, lying on the bed, frustrated with each other; I was seldom in the mood anymore, feeling pressured and nervous all the time, feeling as if I were supposed to perform as a machine. Many of our fights were related to this.

I could no longer bear the unchastity I was engaging in, I needed God desperately, and I finally said so.

"I can't do this anymore," I said, "I'm spiritually dying."

It was an inelegant and hurtful truth.

— Fallen Sparrow, writing the true story of "L'Affaire B." It is a brilliant piece of writing, spread out over several entries, and is worth reading from the beginning (go to the bottom of the page and scroll up).