Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Urgent request to D.C.-area readers

Could you please help me find a place to stay in your area? I need an apartment or room from July 1 through Oct. 31 (by which time I hope to buy a condo). If it's a shared unit, I'd like to stay either in a married couple's spare room or with chaste single roommates who don't do drugs or drink to get drunk. (Impossible, you say — well, that's why God made corporate housing. However, I'd like to try every possible avenue before going that route.)

The location has to be on the Metro's Orange Line in Virginia — and by that, I mean on top of the Orange Line; no more than a 15-minute walk from the station. That's because I don't drive, I'll be taking a 40-minute bus ride from Vienna each day, and I don't want to do a three-vehicle commute.

If you have any leads, please e-mail me at the address at left or send a message through my contact form. Many thanks.