Sunday, July 22, 2007

In like Quinn

I just sent out this week's Edel Quinn Prayer Circle intentions — whew! In its second week, the membership has shot up from six to 14. At this rate, I am going to need database-management software!

Everyone who wrote asking to be a member and who let me know that they fulfilled the requirements of membership (being a chaste single woman with an apostolate who believes in God and that God answers prayer) should have received notice of their "prayee" for the week. If you wrote letting me know how you fulfilled the requirements and have not received the name and intentions of your prayee, please write me at dawneden -at- (replacing the -at- with an atsign).

Some quotes for the day from the prayer circle's namesake:

"More than anything else I believe in the power of prayer."

"What boundless trust we should have in God's love! We can never love too much; let us give utterly and not count the cost. God will respond to our faith in Him."