Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quote of the day

"I'm not a single woman on the cusp of my thirties because I put career first or dumped early boyfriends in order to experience more of life and men; I've panted for marriage since childhood. And perhaps, because of that idolatry, it's been withheld all this time.

"When I still thought sex was at the center of life — the apex of human experience — the call to follow God as an unmarried woman seemed pretty grim. Although Jesus said that he came into this world that we might "have life to the full," I feared that singleness for me meant a lifelong curse of unfulfillment. Only as I have come to see that my real purpose in life is not marriage or career but the seeking of God's kingdom have I discovered how to have life to the full as Jesus intended, regardless of whether I ever wed."

— Evangelical writer Anna Broadway, from her Beliefnet piece "Marriage Isn't Just a Way to Have 'Legal' Sex," a thoughtful piece that takes the long way 'round some of the truths expressed in the Theology of the Body.