Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kebab Dylan

The song is forgettable, but the video's charming:

It's called "Mange du Kebab."

From the Associated Press:

[Turkish immigrant] Yilmaz Karaman _ aka Lil'Maaz _ moved to France in 2003 and got a job at an eatery. A cheerful chap, he composed a song about his work ("Eat kebab, eat kebab my friend!") to regale his regulars. Fortuitously for him, they included employees from a nearby recording studio, who invited Lil'Maaz to record his song.

A friend shot video of Lil'Maaz dancing and rapping in the restaurant, meat roasting on the spit in the background. Posted on a sharing site, Daily Motion, the video has drawn more than 435,000 views over the past month. That buzz interested EMI, which released the single in stores on Monday.
The video reminds me of that Flash animation chestnut from 1999, "Combo #5":