Monday, August 20, 2007

Thrill of the Chaste — the soundtrack

My friend N. writes:

I thought of you tonight. I was at a restaurant in Santa Monica and heard a song that I had long forgotten about. I know that this wasn't really your musical genre of choice, but I was really into indie and post-punk music a few years back. There was a local band called Sense Field that had a quick radio hit with their song "Save Yourself." It was getting quite a bit of radio play on the rock format stations around the country. They are not a Christian band, and actually a lot of their stuff is pretty depressing. But this one song...I found a video for it on You Tube. Apparently it was on the Roswell soundtrack, so the video has clips from the show. Listen to the lyrics. It's amazing - I remember hearing it on the radio and wishing I could meet a guy who felt this way. At the time, I certainly wasn't living chastely, but can clearly recall relating to these lyrics. It's amazing that a little pro-chastity song snuck onto the airwaves. I have no idea about the bands personal beliefs or intentions with the song,* but the message is pretty clear.

Know any other songs that would make a good soundtrack to The Thrill? Post your suggestions on the "Chastity for the Ears" discussion board in the Forum section of

*I looked up the band online — it turns out lead singer Jon Bunch went on to lead a Christian rock band, Further Seems Forever.