Friday, September 14, 2007

Dallas 'Bible Girl' gets The Thrill

"I wouldn’t have thought I’d be interested in reading about ['learning not to have sex'] myself. I’m pleased to say that, after 17 years of marriage (In spite of it? Because of it?), it’s still sexytime in the Lyons household, and the discipline of abstinence is -- thank you, Jesus -- a rather distant memory. But I was so wrong. Eden’s book, apart from being exceptionally witty and well-written, has such extraordinary insight about sex and intimacy and the reasons we look for love in all the wrong places and end up suffering for it, that I couldn’t wait to tell a dear married friend all about it.

"I learned something, y'all. I told Eden, unable to constrain the whoopin’ and hollerin’ Pentecostal in me, 'The Holy Spirit is all over your book!' So, I admit, what follows is fangirl stuff. Just trust me and buy the book. That’ll shut you up."

Julie Lyons, editor of the Dallas Observer alternative weekly (published by Village Voice Media), in "Exit to Eden", her interview with me for her Bible Girl blog.

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