Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gawker Media: Home of self-deprecating anti-Semites

"[Gawker editor Alex] Balk himself is probably Jewish so that should make it all fine shouldn’t it? It’s no different than any other race that uses derogatory language in reference to themselves; at least not in the mind of unapologetic liberals who only answer to themselves in the depraved circles of like minded individuals. Besides, it’s Jew bashing for the sake of making a liberal point.

"It may not matter to the progressive Jew but it should matter to corporations that wouldn’t allow these kinds of jokes as a matter of HR policy; unless of course they too share this point of view. It would also probably matter to the Balk’s of Lithuania and the rest of the Jews who fled the tide of rampant anti-Semitism during turn of the century Europe before World War I; not to mention those unlucky ones who didn’t quite make it out during World War II. After all, war was waged to snuff out those who murdered Jews in the name of stereotypes so the average media professional would be free to have their typical liberal notions."

— NewsBusters' Terry Trippany, from his excellent post "The Sport of Self Deprecating Jew Bashing at Gawker Media." Read the whole piece. As you know if you've read any of Gawker's or Wonkette's posts about me, Gawker Media is not crazy about Jewish converts to Christianity either.