Thursday, September 20, 2007

Killing Delayed is Killing Denied

A federal judge has denied Planned Parenthood's motion for an injunction requiring the City of Aurora, Illinois to permit the immediate opening of its new abortion clinic. More at Jill Stanek.

My own sad conclusion that this victory will at best delay the opening by a few weeks. I hope I am wrong. But while Planned Parenthood does not have a legal right to lie to municipal authorities, it does have the (unfortunate) right to build its killing centers wherever the zoning code permits. A city cannot exclude it forever, regardless of what deception it may practice during its initial attempts to invade a community. A business which claims it is building an organic vegetable restaurant but instead constructs a pizzeria might have its opening delayed pending an investigation, but will likely be allowed to open in the end if the area is zoned to permit any sort of food establishment. As Aurora's code apparently permits any type of "health services" to be rendered so long as they are legal, Planned Parenthood will ultimately open shop. (Planned Parenthood, for its part, makes no distinction between eating organic vegetables, having an abortion, and running a red light, but that's another story).

Some solace may be taken in the fact that the delay may have saved some lives. No matter what happens, the protests will continue in Aurora and hopefully persuade more women to reject that most unfortunate of "choices." And the publicity may also awaken other communities who find this unwelcome intruder in their midst, and enable them to mobilize before it is too late.