Tuesday, September 4, 2007

N.J. gov't agency urges 'preventative' measures against pregnant teens

A friend writes:

I have a question and I was wondering if you have come across anything like this in your investigations. My mother-in-law is a social worker in Trenton and she recently got a job in a home for foster pregnant teenage girls or for girls with small children. She was showing me her paperwork and over and over again, one of the requirements to stay in this home run by DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) is that the girls be on birth control. I tried to ask my MIL "what if they are against being on birth control for personal, health or religious reasons?" and she started to tell me how ignorant and dysfunctional these girls are. Now my question was not "why shouldn't these girls be allowed to get pregnant?" That part is obvious but she didn't seem to get my question.

She also had a note that bothered me, and I was afraid to ask, that said "if a girl becomes pregnant preventative measures should be taken to prevent pregnancy..." That confused me.

Have you heard of tax dollars being used like this?
I haven't. Readers?

This is the same DYFS that looked the other way when a family starved four adopted children.