Thursday, September 6, 2007

Planned Parenthood to sponsor monthly "Call for Death"

A guest satire by HENRIETTA G. TAVISH

Special to The Dawn Patrol

NEW YORK, September 6 -- Countering a pro-life campaign to make prayer phone calls to abortion clinic employees, clergy at Planned Parenthood have announced a similar "Call for Death" program targeting pregnancy resource centers.

Those participating in the program will pray for the centers' volunteers to stop offering financial, medical, emotional and spiritual support to women considering abortion.

"Women in a such tragic circumstances are already under substantial stress from badgering boyfriends, disapproving family members, concerned 4-H volunteers and economic difficulty," said Rev. May I. Killem of Planned Parenthood's Clergy Advisory Board. "They do not need these pressures compounded by the confusion caused by ultrasounds, baby blankets and love."

Rev. Killem further noted that pro-life efforts often interfere with the natural and wholesome process of abortion decision-making. "God intended for women to enjoy peace and quiet during their sudden and panicked rush to the abortion clinic," she said. "Kind words and deeds might well foster an abnormal and unhealthy affection for the parasite inhabiting her body."